Name: David Wood
Company: Municipal Group of Companies
Position: Chief Financial Officer

What does good health mean to you?
It allows me to enjoy life, be active and contribute both in my personal and professional life.

Why do you believe being proactive with your health is important?
It allows me to feel good about myself and being healthy is important to my family, friends and coworkers.

Why did you choose Signature Health?
I chose Signature Health because they were local, and their Doctors were experienced and highly

What services did you use?
Annual Comprehensive Medical Assessment and the 24Care Program.

Why did you choose a local option instead of travelling outside the region for these services?
Signature Health’s facilities and Professional staff are first class and measure up to any other Executive
Health Clinic in the Country. Having any necessary referrals being booked and done locally is a great
convenience. Any such referrals or follow-up appointments were booked and completed within a very
short time frame.

Tell us about your experience at Signature Health.
It’s been very positive. All the staff have been very professional and really been helpful in providing
advice/encouragement for active lifestyle and healthy diet habits. I am very motivated after a visit and
helps me strive for health improvements. Signature is very flexible in making appointments that fit my
schedule. The Doctors are very conscientious and spend a lot of one on one time reviewing your medical
tests and do an excellent job on all follow ups. I feel everyone at Signature Health really cares.

If you were to describe Signature Health in three words, what would they be?
Professional, Dedicated, Caring