Name: Sonya Fraser
Company: EY, Atlantic Canada
Position: EY Halifax Managing Partner, Atlantic Assurance Leader

Question 1: What does good health mean to you? Why do you believe being proactive with your health is important?

Good health in my view is about being proactive and balanced. We are all so busy and its easy to forget to look after our health. We manage to find time to get our cars in for service and repairs done at home, but we don’t always bother to be proactive about our mind and body health.

We operate at a much more effective and energetic level if we are proactive about looking after our health. It’s also about peace of mind, it’s good to know that you are doing all you can to monitor and review your health.

Question 2: Why did you chose Signature Health? What services did you use? Why did you choose a local option instead of travelling outside the region for these services?

I first chose Signature Health to support local business. I used the annual executive checkup services and quickly realized the benefits of choosing a local option.

The service and quality is comparable to the large companies outside the region but the follow up far exceeds the others. The ability for Signature Health to connect you to the right resources directly and on a timely basis is the key benefit. Even a relatively routine or minor matter is quickly addressed with the right local health resource. It is truly full service.

Question 3: Tell us about your experience at Signature Health.

My first experience with Signature Health was having my bloodwork taken – at home. This was done in advance of the appointment so the doctor had my results in advance of seeing me. This was great and different from my experience outside the region where my test results came in by email long after I had seen the doctor.

I had a full exam from the nurse, stress test technician, doctor, dietitian, and fitness consultant. All were thorough, professional and open to discussion. There is a wonderful positive energy with everyone you deal with at Signature Health.

Question 4: If you were to describe Signature Health in three words, what would they be?

Professional, thorough, and connected to our local health care system.