For Your Business

Health body, healthy business. Now more than ever, good health and well being is as important to corporate success as having the best staff, lawyers, and PR team. Below are proactive and preventative health solutions that will help your most important assets stay on top of their health. Let Signature Health keep an eye on them, while they keep an eye on the business.
  • Signature Health Virtual Care Solution

Virtual Care is now. Signature Health is offering companies an opportunity to provide healthcare 24/7 to their employees and families. This platform provides access to a Health App. called Akira by Telus Health and access to an Online Health and Wellness Portal created by Signature Health Professionals. Learn more.

  • Signature Health Annual Health Assessment

How Healthy Is Your Staff? A comprehensive proactive health assessment that offers up to 15 unique screening tests and assessments to help them stay in control of their health and well-being in 4.5-5 hours all under one roof. This assessment will provide them with a detailed understanding of their health from head to toe, unveil any health risks they should be aware of and learn how to manage them. Learn more.

  • Signature Health On-Going Care Program (24Care)

The wait is over. This program offers your team immediate response via all means of technology and communication for any medical need or concern they may have. Learn more.

  • Additional Health Services

Signature Health offers additional health services that compliment our comprehensive health assessment and on-going care program. These include insurance medical testing, occupational health, on-site health clinics (i.e flu shot clinics), nutrition & fitness education, and diagnostic testing. Learn more.