Health is your bottom line. Whether you’re a busy executive, business professional, or an individual who leads a demanding lifestyle; being proactive with your health and well-being pays off not just for you but for all who depend on you.

Now more than ever busy individuals understand that good health is the foundation of their ability to perform and are willing to invest in the need to be proactive and preventative. This is not a new concept to Atlantic Canadians, as many travel outside the region to private health clinics in Ontario, Quebec, and the United States to get a better understanding of their health and well-being. Being well is better than getting well.

Signature Health is Atlantic Canada’s first proactive and preventative medical clinic. We offer our region a more logical and local option to be proactive with their health and well-being. With accessible and flexible appointments, Signature Health offers a seamless, integrated approach to personalized health management for those requiring an Atlantic Canadian solution to premium quality healthcare. From annual comprehensive health assessments, to integrated, customized health plans, and access to a network of healthcare providers if required; we keep our eye on you, so you can keep your eye on your personal and professional life.