Monique Fares MBA, BSc., Kine

Chief Executive Officer

Monique Fares’ goal was to become a doctor. To achieve this dream, she graduated from Dalhousie University with a BSc. in Kinesiology and worked as a surgical consultant selling orthopedic medical devices before pursuing a graduate degree. While she was still fully prepared to become a doctor, her work experience sparked an interest in her to explore the business side of health care. Monique shifted her plans and pursued her MBA where she created a business plan for a private executive health clinic in Atlantic Canada. Upon graduation, she partnered with two Doctors and made her dream a reality by opening Signature Health. Monique’s deep passion for health and wellness and the desire to help others is recognized in her various volunteer work with organizations like Special Olympics and the QEII Foundation Board of Trustees.



Dr. John Gillis BSc., MD, CCFP (EM)

President and Medical Director

Dr. Gillis is trained in family and emergency medicine and chronic pain management and resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He practices at the Dartmouth General Emergency room, runs the Centre for Pain Management Dartmouth and provides occupational medical service, advice and oversight to businesses in the region and beyond. Dr. Gillis’ range of practice types, coupled with his many years of local business, political and medical experience, has provided him with the expertise needed to navigate problems simple and complex.



Dr. Howard Conter MD

VP Medical Operations and Senior Medical Consultant

Dr. Conter is a well-known physician who has been practicing family medicine for over 25 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has a strong interest in preventative medicine with a wellness approach and is passionate about corporate wellness. Dr. Conter has been providing à la carte medical services to business professionals through his Gladstone Medical Practice in Halifax for over seven years. He is also very involved in the community through various philanthropic pursuits, including Air Canada’s Dreams Take Flight and the Tema Conter Memorial Trust.