Brad Langille

Brad Langille, Partner, MNP

The importance of protecting the essential assets of my firm was the reason WBLI started providing Executive Health services to our partners. Health is your bottom line, and if you want to get to the finish line in good health, getting an annual health assessment is the key to success.

Our firm started with MedCan because they provided a Service that met our needs.

Living and working in Atlantic Canada made it very difficult as finding time to travel to Ontario was not always convenient. We always felt MedCan was the right concept but it was in the wrong place. A local provider like Signature Health was long overdue for the Atlantic Canada Region.

Monique Fares, CEO, Signature Health met with me at the right time. It was about a month before I was booking with MedCan. She educated me on what Signature Health had to offer. There were a several aspects that made me confident Signature Health was a provider I could trust. For one, Dr. John Gillis and Dr. Howard being the primary physicians and partners of the organization was a bonus. Both of these physicians are top notch and bring quality and credibility to the Signature Health brand. With their experience and knowledge, Atlantic

Canadians can be reassured they are in good hands. Signature Health closes the gap for individuals like myself to get follow-up and on-going care on important health issues. The benefit of having a provider to help navigate you through our healthcare system in order to get the appropriate tests and consults is wonderful. Finally, Signature Health is people focused. I always felt that MedCan was like a factory where I was processed. Monique and her team at

Signature Health made me believe that they are personable and friendly, a relationship would be created.

After meeting with Monique, I decided to give Signature Health a chance. Was I ever impressed! Signature Health was definitely a people focused clinic. From pre-appointment to post, the quality of the staff was excellent. The day of my assessment, I felt like I was part of a family, I never once felt processed or rushed. I felt comfortable as well as impressed with the quality of staff, services, and facilities. I am confident that Signature Health solved the problem for myself, my partners, and other business executives who are in the same dilemma by providing a high quality local Executive Health offering. I would highly recommend and have already recommended on numerous occasions Signature Health to colleagues, friends, and family.

Signature Health has filled the Executive Health gap in Atlantic Canada.