For Your Business

Virtual Care is now. Signature Health is offering companies an opportunity to provide healthcare 24/7 to their employees and families. This platform provides access to a Health App. called Akira by Telus Health and access to an Online Health and Wellness Portal created by Signature Health Professionals.

Akira by Telus Health: Akira allows members and their  family to conduct secure medical consultations right on their phone, desktop, or tablet. This can range from medical advice, talk therapy, prescriptions, blood work, and/or diagnostic care. All delivered by trusted health professionals. (reference: Akira by Telus Health).

Family Advantage: Once an employee becomes a user of Akira, their partner and children under 25 years living under the same address can sign up for FREE!

Online Health and Wellness Portal: This will provide members with access to an online health and wellness portal. Members will have access to health and wellness information provided by Signature Health Professionals including nutrition, fitness, and important health and wellness topics. Members will also have the ability to connect directly through a la carte services with one of our Signature Health Professionals.