Signature Health Virtual Care Program

Signature Health Virtual Care Program

We are living in a time where access to healthcare is not easy anymore. We have more questions about our health and are looking for trusted providers to navigate us through these uncertain times.

1. Telus Health Virtual Care, gives you on-demand access to a team of Nurse Practitioners anytime, anywhere, right on your phone or tablet or computer, 24/7.

What is Telus Health Virtual Care?

It brings patient-first healthcare to you and your family: you will be able to connect to the app wherever you are, whenever you need it, using secure text or video to address health questions and issues with friendly, knowledgeable clinicians. The majority of what would traditionally bring you to the doctor’s office can be done on the Telus Health app: from cold and flu symptoms, travel vaccination, and skin conditions, to mental health, urinary tract infections, and much more.

You will be connected with local Nurse Practitioners who are licensed in our province and can provide:

 – Medical Advice
 – Prescriptions: New prescriptions and/or refill old ones
 – Blood Work: Provide you with blood requisition to get blood work done. When the results are ready, they will be sent to the Akira Nurse Practitioner who ordered the tests, and they will follow-up with you.
 – Diagnostic Requisitions: Need an X-ray? No problem, they can provide you with a requisition. When you complete the x-ray and results are ready, they will go to the Nurse Practitioner who ordered the test, and they will follow-up with you.

Important: If you would like the information that is completed with Telus Health professionals to be sent to your Family Doctor, they can send a secure e-fax for your medical records.

How does it work?

It’s quick and simple: just open the app on your phone, tablet, desktop computer and you’ll be on your way to a medical appointment at the touch of a button.

Family Advantage: When you set up your profile, you will be able to sign up your spouse and children (under the age of 25) who live at the same address with accounts for FREE!


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